Blessed and Cursed by Our Innovation

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How many of us are so engaged and lost in our phones and gadgets throughout the day, we use our phones while eating, while conversing, even while going to the toilet to relieve yourself (Tell me how jinns won't begin to attack you, when you spend hours in there), while walking etc. so much so that we’ve lost the value of time and physical connection. Indeed we are in great loss.  

Love for Dunya

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If only we were not deceived by this world and it glitters, we wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to live life to a brief passing enjoyment, play, amusement, and a deception. The reason why our Ummah is suffering today is that we are all trying and struggling to acquire the glitters of this world.

Seeking Forgiveness

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We learned from the Quran and Hadith that Allah gets very pleased when we leave all our wrongdoings, repent and revert to the straight path. But then we know It's the nature of man to make mistake, but we need to make it a habit to rectify our mistakes for then we become amongst the best.

Book review.

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YOU CAN BE THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD: A treasure chest of reminders! Author: Dr ‘Aid Al Qarni Translated into the English Version by Huda Khattab. Review by Shakirah bint Yahya.

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