This issue of child Abuse happening far too often now. And we need to learn more about it and work together towards ending or reducing it. So we held an all-women seminar on Sunday 28th of July 2019, hosted by sisters of Jannah. With Amazing experienced speakers to elaborate on the issue and bring forth solutions.

Alhamdulillah, I was also opportune to be part of the speaker panel. and I spoke about the Islamic perspective of bringing up children. And the goal of this post is to provide a link where you all can download the full audio version of my talk and my presentation slide.

Due to high demand, I’m making the raw audio available. I’ll Insha Allah soon update the folder with a cleaner and clearer audio. And I’ll also update the folder with presentations/audio from other speakers because trust me you will learn a lot. I’m still putting things together. Click Here to download.

Thank you for dropping by! JazakAllah Khair!