Renewing your Emaan

So while you’re busy praying for a new job, or while you’re praying for some sort of sustenance in this world while you’re praying for something to happen to you, for a new car, for Allah to ease the path of something for you. Don’t forget to constantly ask Allah to renew your iman because your Eman is your greatest blessing, it’s your most precious asset.

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Public Lecture: Child Abuse.

This issue of child Abuse happening far too often now. And we need to learn more about it and work together towards ending or reducing it. So we held an all-women seminar on Sunday 28th of July 2019, hosted by sisters of Jannah. With Amazing experienced speakers to elaborate on the issue and bring forth solutions.

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Blessed and Cursed by Our Innovation

How many of us are so engaged and lost in our phones and gadgets throughout the day, we use our phones while eating, while conversing, even while going to the toilet to relieve yourself (Tell me how jinns won't begin to attack you, when you spend hours in there), while walking etc. so much so that we’ve lost the value of time and physical connection. Indeed we are in great loss.  

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Love for Dunya

If only we were not deceived by this world and it glitters, we wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to live life to a brief passing enjoyment, play, amusement, and a deception. The reason why our Ummah is suffering today is that we are all trying and struggling to acquire the glitters of this world.

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The Impact of Sins

Due to the persistence of sin, you lose that Taufeeq of wanting or willing to do good Deeds, Allah takes that Taufeeq away from you, you begin to see praying, fasting and all other acts of worship as a burden to you.

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Seeking Forgiveness

We learned from the Quran and Hadith that Allah gets very pleased when we leave all our wrongdoings, repent and revert to the straight path. But then we know It's the nature of man to make mistake, but we need to make it a habit to rectify our mistakes for then we become amongst the best.

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Fall in love with Allah

Allah’s love changes one’s life so beautifully, and when Allah loves you he tells the angels to love you, and Allah place the love of you in the heart of  people in this Dunya, they also love and accept you naturally.

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Why Niqab?

Today am writing about one of the most controversial issue

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Two weapons

To discover these weapons, I would be taking you through

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Fear your tongue I

The one who speaks a lot commits a lot of mistakes. The one who makes lots of mistakes commits lots of sins. The one who commits lots of sins will have the Hell-fire as the first place for him.

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