I was tempted to title this article “Digital Consumption.”  Which would have been the most suitable title but for a reason I choose not to. I’m not even sure how to start but then it has to get across anyways. We are in a digital age with so many innovations, so many expensive gadgets and increasing Social platforms. I don’t want to talk about time management, but would like to focus a bit on social media consumption.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, Google+, Instagram, snap chat, and many more. They are the order of the day! They rob us of our free time! They are the gadgets of distractions! Like we spend countless hours online, losing our productivity skills and the consciousness of time.

Most of us are on these media, and we’ve heard or listened to people say bad things about being on social networks, believe me almost everything in this world has its good and bad aspect, so do social media. It has its own good aspect and its bad aspect, depending on how you intend to plan your life and use it.

The Blessing

The amazing part of social networks is that it makes communications easier, which we are all aware that it is welcomed in Islam as far as it doesn’t go against the norms and values of Islam. As Muslim, we are taught to learn, put to practice and convey the beautiful message of Islam to the world at large, which social networks have made much more easy for us, Alhamdulillah!

Through these media, you can benefit from free online course and classes. Thousands of beneficial books and audios right at your fingertips, in the comfort of your own home. You can even get remote jobs online, much easier ways to reach out to millions changing lives, and the list goes on. Its now left for you and me to choose how we want to use, educate and benefit from these media.

The Curse

Allah took an oath by time in the Quran:

“By time! Indeed Man is in great loss.” 

[Quran 103: 1-2]

I never truly delve into the meaning of this ayah until when I saw the youths today labeling days of the week: Slow Monday, Lazy Tuesday, Relaxing Wednesday, Easy Thursday and Thank God IT’s Friday. They call it killing time. And I was like Subhanallah we’ve lost the value and consciousness time, the fact that Allah himself took an oath with time should make our hair stand.

Like, how many of us are so engaged and lost in our phones and gadgets throughout the day, we use our phones while eating, while conversing,even while going to the toilet to relieve yourself (Tell me how jinns won’t begin to attack you, when you spend hours in there), while walking etc. so much so that we’ve lost the value of time and physical connection. Indeed we are in great loss.

My Story

Days back I went for a tech event, walked in peacefully and sat down, so before the main start of the program, some figures (Reading billions and millions) were displayed as to the large population of people who are active per hour on various social platforms. Yet people are complaining about mobile Data.

I was a victim of digital consumption, which only drove me into the well of procrastination, entrapped in the cage of unproductivity that the only thing I do all day is surf through all social media account, I felt so disorganize, I knew I was entrapped but I couldn’t think of a way to set myself free I even procrastinated setting myself free.

Until I decided to go for a Social Media fast(going on a Social Media Break) which felt like the end of the world to me. I refused to subscribe to any data bundle. Sat before my plain huge cardboard holding my pen and highlighters, Ready to plan out my activities not to waste my time it any social platform without making any impact. To cut my story short, I was able to break free and can spend days doing productive stuff.

Delving Deeper

Apart from the fact that most of us waste time on these media, let’s come down to the contents we view and read. If you have pure intentions towards these media, you’ll use it in a positive manner and you’ll benefit positively if your intentions are bad you’ll use and benefit from it negatively. But the truth is we need to be conscious of  Allah Azzawajal, there are a lot of groups and websites on social media accounts that promote indecency across the globe. Fear Allah and stay away from such groups and websites.

Most of us are so so addicted to these social media, to the extent we lose focus on our main purpose in this Dunya, we have no concentration and khushu in our salah, no time for enough sleep. And unfortunately, many Muslims are behind those indecent accounts helping promote indecency on social media. But Remember Allah Azzawajal says:

“Assist one another when it comes to goodness and righteousness, and do not help one another when it comes to something bad.”


So, if you are behind any social media account promoting indecency, or you like, retweet and share indecent posts. You should also know that for every single immoral message, audio, image or video you send, like or share. Allah is aware and will most certainly hold you responsible for that. And Allah says in the Glorious Quran that:

” Indeed, those who like the spread of immorality among those who believe, for them (is) a punishment painful in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows, while you (do) not know.”

[Quran24:19 ]

The Truth

The truth is Time waits for no one, and if social media has always been a point of distraction(Time Waster) for you, learn to minimize the time you spend on it. Come on, there are so many productive things you can do with your life.  Sit and think deeply, ask your self these questions: my Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, YouTube, Instagram accounts, websites you visit, how Have they impacted your life? How many lives have you touched positively through these media? Wallah, It’s high time we sit and think deeply.

May Allah grant us the ability to use these platforms and innovation in the right manner. Ameen.