I’m a big fan of personal development and discipline, so let’s dive in. If you wondering what this “mindset” is, it’s your general attitude and the way you typically think about things. Your mindset is where personal development starts, it’s the assumption and attitude that holds you. Whatever your current mindset is that’s how you begin to see the world.

Your mindset can empower you, and it can disempower you. But whether your mindset is empowering or not that’s absolutely your choice. Your mindset is an amalgamation of your environment and culture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shift from a disempowering mindset to an empowering one.

When it comes to our mental space our mind can be an ally, an asset or our biggest enemy. So in this post, I’ll be focusing more on the MENTAL, sharing with you key factors for upgrading, purifying and reprogramming your mental space. Mindset? Mental space? What am I  talking about? don’t worry just read along.

The Key Factors

1. Perception: How you see life, what your belief is? Our outlook on the world shapes our experience. You can’t expect things to be comfortable you need some sort of effort. What we expect our expectations are shaped in accordance. Move your mind from that negative mind that always focuses and always see the risks rather than the opportunities, to a positive mind that always thinks of opportunities in everything you come across. There is far more opportunity than ability. Life is full of golden opportunities. We have a lot we can do, if only we learn to start with what we can do; don’t stop because of what you can’t do. Think of What could be possible when you dare to dream? What are your expectations? Think about how you view the world and your ability to move on.

2. Negative self-perception:  How do you view yourself? What do you think of yourself? The idea that we are intrinsically worthy is not something we are taught from a young age, especially here in Africa, often our self-worth is tied to the roles we perform.  Negative self-perception become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you’re so engaged in this negative perceptions about yourself, it only drives you into worry, been inactive, having low self-esteem, losing your confidence and anxiety. Stop those negative thoughts about you in your mind, because when you learn to value and respect yourself, when you inculcate that belief in your heart that you’re worthy, in that way you teach other people how to love, value and respect you. Today I tell you, you have the power to either speak joy, happiness, power, strength, Life, support and inspiration to yourself or tear yourself down, it depends on which route you want to take. You can tear yourself down more than anyone can ever do, by how you limit yourself and your potential. Be aware of what you say to yourself. It’s impossible to change something if you don’t know where the issue is. So, try to keep a thought log as a record of your internal dialogue, because nothing impacts your sense of self-worth more than the things you say to yourself. So, you have to be careful of what you say to yourself.

3. Infection: These are things you allow to infect and poison you. You want to think about things that you have affection for, what are those things you struggle for? People you surround yourself with, your environment, etc. Any time you get drawn towards things and people that brings you down, this can contribute immensely in affecting you. It brings down your ability to improve, to become better and to see the world through your own lens. If the people you surround yourself with is what’s infecting you, then know that these people only see you through their own shattered lens and you begin to believe them because you feel its true. You just can’t allow what others think about you to shape you. Don’t allow someone’s perception of you to hurt your self-esteem, don’t do things just to gain peoples affirmation because It creates negative habits and you become a failure in your life. Think about what you allow to infect you, whose perception you allow to get into you? and work through a strategy to upgrade and reprogram yourself to no longer be a host to negativity, and the desire to please people.

4. Correction: We shouldn’t be pleasant with accepting our current position, the correction means that you challenge your own perception and other people’s projections about you, not only that you become supportive of who you are but also who you want to be. Clear your heart of those cobwebs, the negativity, and the environmental influence, Seek to continuously guard your mental space. Speak love, joy, happiness, support, and action to your self. We are the only ones that can do that to ourselves, free yourself from all those areas that don’t help or upgrades you.

Think about:

  • What self-perception you have that you want to rewrite. Go ahead and re-write that, own your story.
  • What projections from people do you accept, and what’s the reality?
  • What has a huge effect on you, and make an effort to change it.

Update, Purify, Reprogram and Guard your Mental space. You are the writer of your book, so love your story,  own it and improve on it. I truly hope this inspires someone, thank you for dropping by. And if you find this inspiring, please share.