Sohada Awad

Sister Sohada mentors Muslim mothers of kids with special needs through confidence building, advocacy training, and skilled therapeutic support services with faith as the foundation for thriving success. She also dedicates her coaching sessions and group programs to women challenged with mental health struggles which are complementary to the Hijama (cupping) and occupational therapy she provides in her holistic faith-based wellness practice, Madina Therapy.

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Ameenah Muhammad Diggins

Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins is an American Author, Speaker and Business Consultant. Ameenah has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, SJ Magazine, Huffington Post, Dove Self Esteem Campaign and WHYY.

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Aysha Tofa

She is an entrepreneur, a photographer, and a tech enthusiast. Aisha is the CoFounder of Startup kano, and Managing Partner Waves Advertising Limited, Member Global Shapers Community and a Youth and women Advocate.

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Why Niqab?

Today am writing about one of the most controversial issue

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Episode 3

The virtuous woman is a 30 minutes radio program on Rahma Radio Kano, A program discussing Islamic topics related to women featuring Aysha Bint Mahmud as the major discussant.

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