As much as I am tempted to just have a go at the topic, without going through the conventional process of defining the major terms. I still feel the need to go ahead with term definition just so we are clear and everyone is carried along. All the definitions of terms are related to what I’m about to discuss. Let’s dive in:

Definition  of Terms

The Internet is just a global system where computer networks are interconnected, which uses the standard Internet protocol to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. This Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services. Too technical yeah? Most traditional communications media including telephone, music, film, and television are reshaped or redefined by the Internet, giving birth to new services. Newspaper, book and other print publishing are adapting to Web site technology, or are reshaped into blogging and web feeds. So, the Internet has enabled or accelerated new forms of human interactions through instant messaging, Internet forums, and social networking.

So what is this social media? We’ve all been hearing and reading the word social media. It’s a familiar word! Let’s see what it’s all about.  The word social media we are so familiar with is a combination of two words where one describes the other, social media is just a form of media.

So What is “media” and what is “social?”  Media! The word is derived from the word medium, is a way through which you can communicate with others. Talk about letters, emails, posters, handbills, physical meetings and all. There is also mass media that allows one to communicate with a large number of people, Here you have radio, television, newspapers, internet.  So if the media is an instrument of communication, social media would be a social instrument of communication. See the trick? You feel me?

When we talking in Web 2.0 terms, this would be like a website that doesn’t just give you information but interacts with you while giving you that information. This interaction can be as simple as asking for your comments or letting you vote on an article, or it can be as effective as Vconnect recommending businesses to you based on the reviews of other people who had experienced what you ought to. So think of when you read a newspaper but you are limited by your inability to at least immediately give your own thoughts. Social Media essentially exists for you to communicate. Which I believe we need to get into our Sense and start using it the right way

So another keyword in our topic is Tool and Development, what is a tool? A Tool is just a device that can be used to produce an item or achieve a task, but not consumed in the process. Development this has been defined differently by various scholars depending on the context the term is used. It has been defined to refer to transforming of the people’s ways of living/doing things for the better. Development involves changing people’s attitudes positively. It is also defined as a specified state of growth or advancement.

Using Social Media the Right Way

Even though the topic is broad and can take different dimensions, today I choose to talk on how you can use this social media you spend hours on chatting and killing time, there are ways you can actually change that. There is so much great information to read and so many connections to be made on these media, but if I may ask where do you draw the line?

Are you that person that keeps chatting from morning to night? Or that person that keeps surfing celebrities social media page trying to imitate them and end up being an echo, not a voice? Or are you that person who just believes in killing time through social media? Or are you making an impact?  The BIG question is Where do you draw the line? what do you Use Social Media for?

Social media platforms can be a waste of time or a source of income depending on how you make use of your online presence or a way you could actually launch your legacy online and make impact touching lives. You can choose to misuse the resources you use for browsing and surfing matters that really doesn’t concern you or choose to use them to accumulate a lot of wealth. The challenge with this millennial is that we spend a lot of time on social activities instead of undertaking beneficial deals on social media. You could turn a huge proportion of your friends on social media into productive customers.

It is a waste of time to log into social media sites and chat or surf your life away.  The challenge with the young generation is that we can’t tell when we become addicts to social media networking. Social media should not become a stumbling block on your road to success. You should not behave like a bonded laborer while operating on social media. I have seen people who use social media as stepping stones to success. Defending yourself against any infantilizing effects of technology is critical. You can use most of your time on social media to generate significant leads that will grow you into a millionaire. It’s time to act!

 There are always two ways of looking at a coin. The challenge with the current generation is that we only view social media platforms as a place of having fun. One thing you need to realize is that you can get a lot of business from the social media networks you create. Most of them are potential customers, or they can lead you to other clients. You can think of a business idea you can push on social media. You can still carry out some business activities on a part-time basis even if you are in full employment. Look at the nature of friends you have and think of a product or service you can sell to them. Create a business page and make sure that all of them are your followers. You may find yourself becoming a millionaire courtesy of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as long as you think outside the box.

You can also get a lot of referrals from your existing networks. Some people waste a lot of time on social media while others have used the same sites to become billionaires. It’s paramount to spend some time chatting with friends on social issues in life. However, you need to spend most of your time on social media on meaningful business activities if you want to become a millionaire or you truly need to make an impact in the world.

Socialization is important, but you need to budget for the time you spend on social media if it doesn’t bring any extra coin to your pocket, this approach calls for a lot of self-discipline because most of these sites are addictive and you won’t even realize you’ve become an addict.  Don’t spend a lot of time on social media at the expense of your work. You will agree with me that time is money. If your income generating activities are offline, limit the time you spend on Facebook and other social media platforms. You could spend such time to do a lot of work and generate more income for investment purposes. As a millennial, you should always attach value to the time you have.

Stop wasting your time on social media! Social media is a powerful tool it either make or break you. Just think about this, you have to understand that logging into social media requires internet connectivity, it implies that you need bundles to connect with friends. You can invest some of these resources into profit-generating activities if you don’t get any return from social media (it doesn’t have to be about money all the time, it can be any other aspect of your life.),  then something is wrong somewhere, change that.

Can I Really Make Impact on Social Media?

Can you really make an impact using social media as a tool to impact the world without spending half or 24hrs of your day commenting, chatting, interacting, and retweeting? Very simply, the answer is yes. But, there is always a but, isn’t it? The truth is you need to be efficient. Luckily, with the use of some easy methods, online tools, and a hint of discipline you can take less of your time and make a bigger impact. Are you Interested?

The first tip I have for you is to research your audience which I’ll be sharing with you 6 W’s that you need to ask yourself, answer them and then I promise you that, if you’re serious this would really work for you. We are all talented, we all have something amazing and unique to share to the world, something To Impact the world. I wish to tell you that you’re Born To Impact in your own little way. You were born for a purpose and on a purpose, you might be a good writer, someone with a beautiful voice etc. Use what you have to reach out. And guess what? Social media has made it 10 times easier to reach a wider audience.

Ask your self this:

  1. Who?  Like who do you really want your audience to be? Know your type of audience. You can’t be a writer and reach out to those who are more of music people as your audience. You feel me?
  2. Where? think of where you can find them (what networks are they on could be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc)?
  3. When? are they most likely to engage in a conversation online?
  4. Why? should they connect with you online? You need to give out value, something that makes them want to stick with you.
  5. What?  do they want to know about? Target things they want to hear feed them, please This should be under a field you’re so passionate about. Don’t be a writer and start switching to music because you feel that is what they want. Don’t do that, let your believes and values echo in every single room you step foot in.
  6. How? do they want information sent to them (Facebook page updates, an informal YouTube video, Twitter chat, etc.)?

These are the  6 W’s you need to ask yourself. forget if others are doing it already, check what’s missing and improve on what they are doing it. The amazing thing is many people can be into the same thing but the value and the talent set you apart.

Based on what you discovered from the first tip, establish a schedule to meet your audience where they are and provide what they want when they want it, and how they want it.  That’s my second tip. Part of your plan should include a time allocation. If you have 15 minutes a day to allocate, how can you use what you learned in step one to make the biggest impact? Are you feeling me?

Do you want to increase traffic to your website or on your social media accounts? Set your specific goal and focus on it! Because Focus = Speed because what you focus on grows. Once the focus of your goal is set, establish key performance indicators to track how well you are doing in reaching your goals. If you want to increase traffic to your website, how many new visitors do you want to be directed via social media? If you are looking to boost attendance, how many more seats do you do want to be filled? Etc.

Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Tweak your methods and your investment based on the progress you want to make towards your goals and what your audience is looking for. What others tried and true methods you’d use to make an impact on your network without using your entire day. I would really love to stop here hoping this has at least woken us up, to change the way we waste our time on social media and do something productive with your life.

Thank You!


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