This would be a quick blog-post, I am here to share with you some quick productivity tips, short and precise! It’s something I learned from an online summit and has helped me a lot, even though I knew most of them long before the summit. So, I will be dividing the tips in to four sections:

  1. Planning tips.
  2. Health tips.
  3. Daily tips.
  4. Spiritual Tips.

Planning Tips

Consider the tips in this section if you’re planning on starting up a business, but yet you could apply some of the tips in your personal life.

Every business, or anything you set out to do in life starts with a plan, and it pays to be a plan-driven person in most cases.

  • So Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time.) goals.
  • Keep you goals halal.
  • Keep your intentions sincere and noble.
  • Research your field thoroughly: As much as possible, so that you enter with full force, and also consult experts in the field.

Healthy Tips

Productivity is directly linked to health, when we are not healthy we would find it difficult to get productive. so:

  • Live a balanced life: find what works for you.
  • Get enough sleep daily.
  • Eat healthy food and fruits,it gives you energy and energy gives productivity.
  • Drink lots and lots of water
  • Take regular breaks
  • Scheduled downtime: yeah! Set a time aside to just sit back and relax, life is not all about work, besides at the end of life, no one says he wishes he’d spend more time at work.
  • Schedule vacation: they are part of a healthy life it helps you completely reboot.

Daily Tips

This sections consist of tips that is applicable in our lives daily:

  • Always have a plan: Either a schedule or a to do list will do.
  • Find your peak performance time and schedule your key task for that time. we have three type of people: The early birds: those who wake up energetic, The night out: those who are energetic in the evening, and  Those who are energetic in the afternoon. So discover which category you fall in, and schedule your most important task at that energetic period.
  • Batch tasks of similar nature together: After making a to-do list, categorize and merge similar tasks and get them done together.
  • Pace yourself and take break as needed.
  • Keep yourself in a positive state of mind: stay positive and don’t allow negative thoughts to influence you, because they make you feel weak, less energetic and unproductive.

Spiritual Tips

There’s a need to always keep in mind that all success is with Allah.

  • Stay connected to Allah:  Observe all the obligatory deeds (such as praying on time, fasting etc.)  and also add up with voluntary  deeds.
  • Pray Qiyam Layl (The night prayer.)
  • Make Du’a for Allah’s assistants everyday, and in every situation.
  • Live a life of gratitude: Think of things you’re grateful for  and counter a negative thought with gratitude, it helps and it fuels happiness, success and productivity.
  • Practice Tawaqqul (Trusting Allah).
  • Learn to accept and believe in Qadr (destiny).
  • Work your utmost best and leave the rest accompanied with Du’a.
  • Keep good company: They should be pious, motivational and inspirational, people who add value to your life.

I hope you find this beneficial, and I hope this helps you in being a productive person. Thank you.