Fear! We need to face our fears. I felt the need to write about this today. We all go through certain phases in our lives, that either make us stronger or weaker. Problems will always come and go. The thing is we all need the right solution at the right time to help us overcome these problems. One thing I firmly believe is that anything is solvable. There is a way! But we tend to get into the cycle that our bodies are used to. Which is to keep stressing out and blowing those problems out of proportion.

We are all afraid of the unknown to some degree or another. But if we want to pursue our ideas and move ahead in life, we need to overcome these fears. Most of the time we mistake the fear of the unknown for the fear of the Future. But, these are two different aspects of fear.

Fear of the Unknown

The fear of the unknown can be hard to describe because all the feelings and thoughts around this fear are in our heads. These negative feelings and thoughts create mental blocks. It is these mental blocks that influence the way in which we live our lives. And if let lose can have a detrimental impact on us living our lives to the fullest.

Fear of the Unknown is being afraid of something that we feel we are not prepared for. As humans, we have a certain nature that sorts of proves how we can be afraid of exploring the unknown. At times we are even too afraid to investigate what is ahead of us. I’ve been there before and Alhamdulillah, I faced and overcame it.

Struggling with the Fear of the Unknown

Why does this happen to us? Why are we afraid of something that hasn’t even happened yet? And when the moment comes to pass. You begin to wonder how silly you were stressing over the matter. It was literally not as bad as you expected. But however on rare occasion, the fear of the unknown can be quite scary especially if your boss calls you into their office,  your doctor calls you up for your test results, or Maybe your about to graduate from University but you’re not sure what you’re going to do after graduation and so on. In these situations, We begin to imagine the worst.

Due to technology and the amazing works of the internet and especially  Uncle Google. It is not difficult to find something positive related to ANYTHING. Many people who have lost their jobs or have been made redundant have had a positive impact on being able to achieve their dreams. Some have become florists or opened up small businesses or found other means to survive. Then why the fear? If losing a job can motivate you to achieve your dreams then losing a job shouldn’t become such a fear factor in the long run. This is just an example of what I am trying to explain.

The other major fear factor is getting a serious illness. I know it is easier said than done, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. As mentioned above there are many positive stories regarding losing jobs, there are also positive stories regarding people overcoming serious illnesses, just by changing their mindset and finding the right solution. When we change the vibration of our internal thoughts and feelings either a miracle can happen or the opposite.

why fear the Unknown?

We fear the unknown because of what it could take from us when we should focus our attention more on the good that could come out of it if we work at it patiently. Fear is not unique to you. Fear is part of our human DNA and so it is not unusual for you to feel fear when you are stepping out into the unknown. Our brain is hardwired to prefer negative consequences to uncertain outcomes. Our brain does not like us stepping out into the unknown or living in a world of change.

Overcoming The Fear

Now let’s get down to the best ways of overcoming the fears of the unknown. I will enlist techniques that you can apply in order to overcome your fear of the unknown.

  1. When the feelings of fear start arising, the first thing to do is to clear your mind and not let it run loose on thinking the worst of the situation. Change your views into a positive outlook rather than a negative outlook. This will instantly make you feel better. Remind yourself of the good that could be, not the bad that might be.
  2. When Fear starts to creep up on you again, start to recall the times of difficulties that you have overcome in the past. If you can overcome all those things, then believe in yourself, you can overcome anything that will be thrown at you.
  3. Another thing that can help you overcome the feelings of fear is getting to the point of why you are feeling the fears that are making you feel uncomfortable. Trying to establish why you are feeling fear will help you find a solution as well as help you clear your mind.
  4. Embrace your Fear: To live your dreams and embrace life, you have to be fearless and willing to step into the unknown.  Listening to your fear of the unknown will only result in a life where you live in discomfort and dissatisfaction with life.


These are just a few tips but with practice, these will help you to overcome any unnecessary fears that will get in your way of finding Success. Just calm down it is not the end of the world. Do not forget that in all of this, you need to have complete hope and trust in your make. He is the best of planners, so submit your affairs to him.

Would really love to hear from you in the comment box below. How did you overcome your fear? Thank you for dropping by.