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Today am writing about one of the most controversial issue in the world, but if we don’t talk about it, people will still keep living in the misconception, because people generally don’t get to know much about it from somebody who wears it. They only get to know about it from people who talk about it, and from what the media today portrays it to be.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to hurt or make anyone feel bad, and it is not intended to force any sister into wearing the Niqab, the intention is to clear all misconception regarding the Niqab, and how people view the Niqab.


“Being fully covered doesn’t make us terrorists neither are we oppressed. It is just a part of our identity and our informed choice. “


I don’t understand why this piece of cloth could cause so much hatred,chaos and controversy on earth, and other countries are even  banning it. and i really do wonder why:

  • when a masquerade covers his face in a scary way, nobody complains.
  • when a motorcycle rider covers with a helmet, no one complains.
  • when batman and spiderman covers up, no one complains.
  • when an astronaut wears his mask when flying to the moon, no one complains.
  • when a doctor covers his face, no patient complains.
  • when a wrestler covers his face, no one complains.
  • when armed robbers mask their faces, the victims don’t complain.
  • when the police or soldiers covers, no complaints.
  • when a taekwando or karate fighter covers his face, no complaints.
  • when a christian bride covers her face on her wedding day at the alter, no complaints.

But the real war begins when a muslim woman covers her face, the whole world at large complains.

we all have certain ways we view the niqab, some see it as a communication barrier, while some see it as an oppression, and so on. But one thing am very sure of is that, the Niqab does not make us any better than other unveiled women, because that’s Allah’s dominion. It is just how we manage our own spirituality and connection with Allah.

Common Niqab misconceptions:

  1. The Niqab is a symbol of oppression: The truth is that we are not forced to wear niqab, we see it as an act of devotion to Allah, and besides we only wear them outdoors, or in the midst of non-mahram. you seriously don’t expect us to wear indoors and to bed right? we are not forced to wear it yet the modern world force us to remove it (That’s hypocrisy)
  2. Women who wear the Niqab cannot possibly contribute to society: That’s what we call mind poisoning, you don’t expect all Niqabis to be from same parent and background right? so the amazing fact is that niqab-wearers come from varied vocational backgrounds. We are tech makers, doctors, teachers, authors, bloggers, social workers, university graduates, lecturers and more. we are covering our body,face, not our minds or our brains. So chill!
  3. The Niqab isn’t in the Qur’an: No one said the Niqab was obligatory in the first place, or its a sin to not wear it.
  4. The Niqab poses a security risk at banks,airports etc: Its sad to see people using the Niqab to do all sort of inappropriate things, implicating those who wear it with the best of intention. But yet that’s not enough to conclude.
  5.  Banning the Niqab will free those Muslim women who are coerced into wearing it: WE ARE NOT FORCED OR OPPRESSED INTO TO WEARING IT.

My Niqab

On a serious note:

I am obviously not the most pious person on earth, and hanging this most controversial piece of cloth on my face doesn’t make me better in anyway. But the Niqab has been a part of my success story in my path to getting closer to my Rabb, i see my Niqab as Rahma and ease, it gives me:

  • Total freedom.
  • keeps me in control: because you only see what i let you see.
  • it honors, shields, preserves and protect me.
  • I feel like the most happiest woman in the world.
  • The privilege of living within my intellect, not my physical form where my body, hair or face are used to measure my worth.
  • and the list goes on.

Its just like the way read 5-salah daily, doing an extra (Nafil salah) doesn’t cause any harm, instead you get loads of reward for the extra good deed. So going an extra mile to cover with the Niqab does no harm too. Nobody can tell me how to dress, or what to look like, except Allah azzawajal (This mean the world to me).

Personally, the frequent question i do get is: how do you get to places, and make it through big events with your Niqab? and the reply is: when ever i get proposals for any event or work related issues, before accepting i do make clear the fact that i cant abandon my Niqab, if they are okay with it we work together, if they are not okay we let things slide, and better one’s come. So it’s no big deal.

On a lighter note:

  • The Niqab is fun, and seriously it doesn’t create a barrier from engaging in other social activities.
  • We don’t even bother what color of powder, eye brow pencil, or concealer to use.
  • No physical judgement.
  • You always end up put together.
  • funny part is eating and talking in class without the lecturer noticing.

We also get silly questions like: How do you breath with the Niqab on? Do you dress like that at home too? You wear that in front of your father too? Do you cover even in a non-Muslim country? Would you doll up in a wedding where there are men too?  you definitely don’t want to know the answer’s we give.

I believe I’ve said enough for now, and would continue some other time. So, for the mean time learn to be comfortable with the Niqabis around, because we are harmless, we are Human like you and every other person.

“We’ll keep shining bright, even if the shining light of our gemstones won’t be white.”  -Ayeina

feel free to drop your Niqab questions too, (not silly one’s though!). May Allah ease our task. Ameen



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