In case you are wondering what HNG  internship is. It is an internship that is focused on fishing out the very best candidates out of a very large number of participants. Many people have a wrong expectation from the HNG internship, thinking they could go in as absolute beginners and come out as pros. When they get in there and are not able to keep up some begin to blame the system.

But the truth is the internship is not for beginners. You need to have some level of experience and be sure you have the time to participate. I was fortunate enough to be a finalist of the HNG internship 7 and when I joined I had only a little knowledge but I had ample time to invest in learning faster and keeping up with the pace. That alone has opened my path to a lot of opportunities.

My Goals for HNG Internship 8

So you may begin to wonder, if I was once a finalist why did I chose to join again?  The first HNG internship i joined then i was just getting started as a mobile developer. The process was tough,  but it gave me a feel of what it looks like to work on a project in an organization. that motivated me to have more confidence to apply for jobs and work on my portfolio.

I am now at an intermediate level with a lot to still learn in my field. I am back to HNG internship 8 in other to:

  1. Learn more.
  2. Connect with others.
  3. Challenge myself.
  4. Build my portfolio.
  5. Build my Leadership skills.
  6. and various other opportunities that come with the internship.


I know at this point you might be feeling this internship is not for me. Hey! don’t be sad. As a beginner, you can join the next Zuri training. And there you gain access to more than enough knowledge to get into the tech industry and succeed. But before then go ahead and do your research and settle for the field you want to specialize in so no one can confuse you.

Below are links to amazing tools to get you started:

  1. Git Hub Tutorial
  2. Figma Tutorial
  3. Flutter