Assalam Alaikum, this would be the longest interview so far. An interview with Alhanislam, a young lady who has made so many achievements at a very young age, Alhamdulillah. So, patiently go through our conversation, because you would surely get inspired.

Maryam Bukar  Biography


Maryam Bukar Hassan a.k.a Alhanislam  was born on the 25th of December 1996. And is an indigene of Borno state,but was born and brought up in kaduna state. She is an ICT graduate from Radford university college, graduating at the age of 19 with a second class upper degree.


At 17 she was the Vice president Foreign students Association Ghana (FSA) at national level. Where she got an award of merit for an outstanding leadership. She is an active YALI member and a holder of 8 certificates awarded by YALI  (young African leaders initiative ). She is the founder of Deen at heart. the CEO of Deen at heart audio visual and print media productions. The CEO Deen at heart online cafe. The co-founder and Executive director of mainta entertainment. The is a director at BUKHAM Nigeria limited.


Her talks have been played on radio stations such as liberty radio. And her programs on Tv as well, she is an activist on violence against women and children and re-engineering of moral value in the youths. She gained vast recognition after the release of  her video on domestic violence and the call of peace for the nation on the program “Alhanislam speaks”. Her famous poetry performance on “sir labo yari” at kabafest caught the attention of his excellency mallam Nasiru elrufai where he retweeted her performance leading her to perform at the just recent launch of “Yasmin Elrufai literacy foundation for girls and women”. Maryam has organised seminars such as the power of the web :”Digital revenue for the movie industry in collaboration with mainta entertainment and loro inc”.

What She Does:

She is  known as a motivational speaker. Maryam got married on the 25th of August 2017 and has signed a caller tune contract with airtel, 9 mobile formerly known as etisalat and mtn. Maryam finds peace and joy in giving back to the society thus achieving recognition both in Nigeria and beyond as “Alhanislam – the motivational speaker”.
Maryam’s hobbies include :”reciting the Quran as it is one of her biggest source of inspiration for poetry, reading, writing, sketching, dancing). She released her album titled “IN THE HEART OF SILENCE”. Where she performed one of the poems at the concluded “ake books and arts festival”. She is constantly working on alot of projects so keep anticipating.
That was so much to take in yeah? So, now here comes our interview:

The Name AlhanIslam

Ayshabintmahmud: I am super excited to have you, It’s a pleasure! We would love you to tell us the hikmah(wisdom) behind the name Alhanislam. 
AlhanIslam: When I was in SSS3, two of my friends Fatima Aliyu baba, and Maryam Adam used to call me “melody”.  And I love the name, then others started calling me melody as well. Because back then I was sort of into music. And I changed the name to Alhan which is the direct translation of melody in Arabic. And when I started Da’awah at a very early stage in my life, Islam was added to the name Alhan so it became Alhanislam.  I decided to maintain the name even though now I am not that deep into Da’awah. I stepped back a bit because I needed to seek more knowledge before diving back into it.

Birth of Deen at Heart

Ayshabintmahmud: Alhamdulillah! May Allah make it easy for you. Now, Being the founder of  Deen at heart. What is the entire concept and the motivation behind the initiative? 
AlhanIslam: Deen at heart is an initiative that aims to see more youths in the future having the Deen at heart. Because they are the future of Islam. It’s more of young people talking to young people since we are in a world where if the old is talking to the young they don’t listen. But, when the young try it has more effect. The motivation behind the initiative was the thought of my unborn children. Because I sat down to think when I get married and have children do I really want them to come into this world without actually trying to make an impact? Because Islam is all we have. So, what can I do to make a difference on my own part, to make the future better for them, that’s how I started Deen at heart.
In my family, we have Christians and Muslims and one thing that keeps us together without friction is respect for each other’s religion. Deen at heart is trying to also promote religious tolerance within people because the easiest way crisis comes to Nigeria is through religion. Currently, we run kiddies programs, classes for youths, and other things. 

In the heart of silence

Ayshabintmahmud: Masha Allah! Now your CD Album “In the heart of silence”  Which I am sure our audience would love to know about and have a copy of the CD. So, tell us all about it. 
AlhanIslam: In the heart of silence is the collection of poems that talks about reality, things we face, and addresses ongoing issues in society, With two love poems in it. The name came from the last poem on the CD album. Where it addresses domestic violence issues, and since our voices are buried in the heart of silence I decided to speak and break that silence.

Source of Motivation

Ayshabintmahmud: Being a wife, a writer, a motivational speaker, a poet, a CEO, and so many other things we don’t even know. I know it gets stressful at times, so  How do you handle stress and pressure? And What is your source of motivation to move on?

AlhanIslam: I’m glad you asked this question because a lot of people think motivational speakers don’t break down. They think motivational speakers are great walls that everyone could lean on. But no matter how strong a wall is when the weight is too much it actually can crumble. And then as humans, we need that motivation to keep going. So, honestly, my source of motivation is my husband, he is my stress relief honestly, I pour everything on him and end up with none.

When I break!

When I break down and sometimes I cry and tell him I just want to get this done with and want to stop. He looks at me and starts laughing, and when I ask him: why are you laughing? he says: Are you a coward? Because you look like one right now, and I tell him no! I’m not a coward, and he hugs me and tells me you can cry. Then I’d cry and when am done he tells me: Look here, you’re not a coward and you don’t look like one. He tells me motivational and inspirational words that just helps me keep going no matter how much I hit the wrong button, I still get up.

My Mother!

And also my mother pushes me so much whenever am breaking down. For my mother, I don’t even have a choice to break down, because when I look at her and my eyes catch the true essence of her true beauty it’s enough for me to actually keep moving. When I look at her and see how she keeps hustling and striving. My mind totally shuts down from breaking down. (May her mother’s soul rest in peace, as you read through do take a moment to make Du’a for her mum)
Sometimes you need to understand that, you need to take a break. Just do whatever you need to do, rest if you want, take a trip, drop the work for some time but just never give up. And it doesn’t matter the number of times you fall, but don’t call the floor a home you need to get up and keep moving. So, for me I have Allah, I have my mother, I have my husband, and the thought of my unborn kids in my head, also with the general public counting on me, even though I don’t deserve it, so Alhamdulillah.

Greatest Challenge

Ayshabintmahmud: Masha Allah! So, What is the greatest challenge you face Interacting with people from different parts of the world? 
AlhanIslam: Firstly, I appreciate the diversity and different views. Because when you interact and meet people from different parts of the world, you experience a new culture, new beliefs, and a lot of other things, and that opens your mind. But my great challenge is, You know when you meet someone and have to literally channel your mind from their own perspective, in regards to belief, morals and so on.
You might not necessarily agree with it, but you just have to prepare your mind to accept it in that context and find a way not to allow it to have an impact on you, your belief, and moral values. You just have to be careful not to lose yourself. And then when you meet people from different parts of the world, you have to remember where you come from, where you heading to, and have to remember not to lose yourself.

A Change in the World

Ayshabintmahmud: what are the changes you’d love to see in the world today? 
AlhanIslam: I would love to see a world where:
  • The Muslims, Christians, Jews, or whatever religion, we should live in harmony, With that peace and tranquility. Because religion is one of the driving forces in our lives that has to do with belief, and anything a Human believes in is what drives their lives.
  • A lot of youths getting involved in leadership, and working on self-development, because I believe we need a revolution both politically and socially. Youths working and striving for what they believe in and not resting waiting for things to happen. And that’s why I choose to be a motivational speaker.
  • Men speak for women(Gender Parity), for example: having a world where women train their boys to grow up as responsible men, and make them understand there’s nothing wrong in doing household chores, and letting the girls/ women rest.

Dose of Motivation

Ayshabintmahmud: What advice or words of motivation do you have for other sisters? Inspire them, sis!

Alhanislam: Sometimes you start something, and when you’re about to start it’s a clear picture. And you’ve got it all covered, then when you start the picture becomes really dim because things are not going the way it is meant to. But that doesn’t mean you should get weak because the picture is getting dim, you need to push harder, you need to get spectacles if you have to, and if it means you making changes then you have to.

keep Moving!

But whatever change you make, it shouldn’t alter your main goal, mission, and vision. Even when it feels impossible, you just have to keep moving. Pray and be persistent, be really close to Allah and make lots of Du’a, because Allah is amazing and he is the best friend you could ever have.  So, keep moving and don’t stop, and when people discourage you don’t complain and never get shaken because it was never their duty to encourage you.


So Alhamdullilah that’s it! In all honesty, I am motivated and inspired, and I really hope this inspires you too. I wanted to share some of her poems, and images of her quotes here but am almost reaching my word limit, so click HERE to visit her Instagram page and get extra-dose of motivation. Thank you for your time.

Jazak-Kumullah Khair, and may Allah make us better Muslims. Meet more amazing women HERE