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Malice mostly comes from hatred or strong dislike for a person for legitimate reasons. At times we pick up malice due to Differences of opinion, Arguments, Hurtful comments, and Behaviour. The one I dislike the most is how we begin to dislike and hate people for no reason. This person for nothing to you, but you begin to build up unnecessary cases against them.

Malice is a pungent emotion that is rooted in being extremely angry at a person to the point that you begin to wish harm to come to the person. But the ultimate victim of malice is you as the carrier. If we’re able to look into a heart filled with malice. We’ll see the heart also filled with envy, desire to compete, insecurity, manipulation, lack of forgiving others, and many other struggles.

The Consequence of Malice

There is an authentic hadith about Mondays and Thursdays being special days on which Allah SWT forgives people. When
the angels come to Allah and say that two believers are wrangling with one another, Allah SWT says, “Leave
them until they set things aright between themselves.” So, the consequence is that if a person has malice toward another
believer, Allah shall not forgive that person until he forgives his brother, for malice is a serious affliction that festers in one’s heart and it can block good things from coming to you.

Those of us who choose to harbor malice get very prone to other spiritual illnesses. The reasons for malice are numerous, but what is important for us is to look in our hearts and see how we can heal from this illness.

Signs and Symptoms of Malice

  1. Always looking for faults in others and going around to spread their faults with others.
  2. Being happy when someone has difficulties and problems.
  3. You don’t like to say positive comments to people about others.
  4. Regarding others as inferior.
  5. Digging into the person’s past to find faults.
  6. Spreading the person’s secrets and private matters to other people.
  7. Making fun of them or taunting them.
  8. Hurting them at any slight opportunity you get.
  9. Feeling unnecessary bitterness and grief towards the person.

Possible Treatment for Malice

  • There’s a need for you to be more forgiven and have forbearance. Even when you have all the right for retribution, or even if the person doesn’t deserve to be forgiven.
  • Try as much as you can to show goodwill towards people in both words and actions.
  • It is difficult I know, but bend your heart to make dua for that person.
  • Strive to have good, positive for others. By disliking the bad traits but not the person.
  • Have Yaqeen in Allah being the distributor of all things. The true giver, and the one who takes from whomever he wills.


If you are struggling with malice, you can work on learning to forgive. Have empathy, and love towards others to be able to see the good in other people. If we all can accept that we are struggling, maybe we can find it in our hearts to let go and have mercy on others. Our goal is to help ourselves become better.

The truth is we cannot change or control people. But we can control ourselves. So, focus on what you can do which is to strive to be a better version of yourself. Cleansing and curing your heart of this disease will help you get closer to Allah. And Remember just a few steps towards Allah is all it takes to get started.

May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings. And may he not place into our hearts malice for one another. Do you have any addition/contributions to this? Would love to read your comments.

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