How To Stop Being A Victim To The Financial

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The Money Mindset is something that isn’t widely spoken about which most people see as a taboo topic. For a female, society will tell you the house chores are your only responsibility. well, let me not get into that right now. So many of us have money mindset issues and our confusion about money. But really understanding, respecting and managing that mindset when it comes to money makes our lives 10x easier.

What is Money?

Money is just a tool, it’s not bad or dirty! Money is primarily a medium of exchange or means of exchange. It is a way for a person to trade what he has for what he wants, for people to exchange values or goods. Everyone uses money. We all want it, work for it and think about it. While the creation and growth of money seem somewhat intangible, money is the way we get the things we need and desire.

Scarcity and Lack

A lot of times the issue of money lack and scarcity is engraved in us right from childhood, then we develop and grow into adults who do not see that there’s abundance around us. How poor or rich you feel really have nothing to do with the amount of money in your account. Because if that’s your goal and main focus you’d never feel it’s enough.

Measuring or comparing yourself to other people, looking outside not the inside, engraving envy instead of gratitude, is what makes us feel poor. You may see people from outside happy and rich but then you don’t know what they personally go through. When you constantly compare you lose sight you can feel like you’re stuck, poor, lacking etc. But, your mindset is everything!

I need you to change your internal programming about money, tell yourself that there is abundance with Allah based on your ability to rely on him and your deeds. Sustenance is the knowledge that Allah gives you, your family relation etc. it’s not just about money. it’s not always about money.

Negative Thoughts about Money

We’ve already built that negative thoughts about money, giving us that subconscious mindset. Money is just a tool. It’s a tool to exchange value, and gain provision. But do have it at the back of your mind that Money is a test, and you would be held responsible for it. when you didn’t have enough, where you patient? When you had so much, do you give and reach out to others?  Money is just a tool!  if you’re generous or stingy Money just magnifies who you really are. It depends on how you use it, and how you accept your situation.

Money is not evil as some of us believe it to be. But then we need to acknowledge and remember that the source is from Allah Azzawajal, so seek from him. Another mistake is some of us make money our end goal which is very wrong. Don’t be a person who only strives for money, it’s detrimental. Believe me, money alone won’t make you happy, there are people out there very rich yet committing suicide and getting drunk. Don’t be materialistic or arrogant, don’t squander wealth to gain standards, there’s a huge difference between Quality and Extravagance.  once again money is not the end goal, it’s just a tool.

Value and Leaving a Legacy

Value those things that are valuable and value other people’s worth, when buying things consider the sellers deserve it, never diminish their value. They might have gone through a lot, spend lots of hours just to come up with that source of earning. That might be their only means of Rizq. It’s not always about you. Understand the origin of money and how to spend it. Don’t be someone who chases money, think of a charity project no matter how little and invest in your akhirah.

Sit and Ponder

Sit and think of what your money mindset is like. Start being aware of your actual finances, allowing yourself to accept that you’re the cause of your financial well-being and unwell being. Is money a stressful topic for you? Where are you currently? No matter what stage you’rein, believe me, you can improve

How do you feel about money?

How do you feel about your ability to increase or have enough?

Have you developed that trust and confidence in Allah? Knowing that he will provide for you?

Have you fully understood and willing to allow yourself let go?

I leave you in peace. Be grateful for each moment in your life.


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