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When you make an effort to remove or reduce the level of distractions around you, it helps a lot in increasing your level of focus and help you get things done. I know we live in an era where there are a lot of distractions around us, and interruption from things and people around us. Which I know can be very damaging to your level of focus and most importantly your productivity.

Most of the time, common notifications from our phones can add to the distraction. In fact, many of us are so used to getting interrupted/distracted when we are working, studying, or doing anything productive. So much so that if that distraction doesn’t come, we actually go looking for one! But the truth is a distraction and constant multitasking can actually hurt your productivity, work, alone time with your creator, coding, studying and you name it.


The purpose of my article is to hopefully help you decrease distraction and increase your focus in order to complete the things that really matter.

A minute of Distraction

A group of scientists did a study on this and showed how a minute of distraction, can take you up to 25 minutes to get back to the same level of focus you had before the interruption. At times we feel it’s just a notification let me check, taking a quick look at your phone, in order to get back to what you were doing. You won’t believe how much it really takes to get back to what you were doing and go back into the same level of focus as you had before the destruction. 

Your Lifetime

You see your life is made up of days, days of hours, and hours of minutes. Although a minute or ten doesn’t seem like much, the idea that you can waste a few minutes is the biggest, fattest lie you’ll ever tell yourself. Life is fast, we all have appointed time to leave the world, time flies, and nobody’s going to wait or take pity on you because you stayed behind, absorbed with distractions.

If you’re not careful of these distractions, will ruin your life before you know it. It might not be this serious but what these distractions do is that they keep you from doing important things and achieving your goals. You have no choice but to remove them if you have dreams and aspirations to attain.

Some Tips

  1. Always Have a Plan: You may consider writing down some things that you must get completed in order for that day to be productive.  Do these items first before checking emails, returning phone calls, or reading social media feeds since those can easily hijack the start of any day and make you lose focus.
  2. Set Time: This is the second most important element of your puzzle. Look at your life and schedule, you know when there’s less distraction around you. Then try setting time and sit to tackle your most important tasks. This is just so you’re able to keep track of every moment and avoid procrastination.
  3. Turn off distractions: Constantly checking for information may interrupt your concentrated workflow. You may want to turn off all notifications from smartphones and desktops applications. Controlling your devices, and not having that technology control you, may help reduce distractions and increase your focus.
  4. Do what works best for you: Just think of your nature and things that would work for you. Figure it out and enjoy your productive day.
  5. Control your internal distractions: Internal distractions are one of those problems you can’t really run away from. You need to find ways to prepare your mind for the task and find simple ways to keep it from straying to non-essential thoughts as well.
  6. Manage your Momentum: Momentum is like a discipline lubricant it helps ease the process of sticking with goals. This means each and every day we need to do something significant to further our goals. And when I say “significant,” I don’t necessarily mean a big task‒but rather, any task that brings us closer to our goals.


 So just learn to get rid of your distractions. It might not be your phone. It might be people, your children, or something else that would distract you. you may choose to be alone in a room where people or kids won’t distract you. You might also consider choosing a quiet time maybe in the morning, in the evening or at night where there are less noise and distraction.

But you know yourself better, just see your situation and see how you can avoid distraction and see your level of focus and how you can maintain it and try to see how much more you can do. I hope you found this beneficial.


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