“The story we tell ourselves shapes our reality” Lynka sanni

Am touching on a different chapter of our story today.

We’ve seen a lot of people across the globe, especially in our communities succeeding in their businesses,  and making positive changes in the world at a very young age, and we just sit in our comfort zone wishing to be like them without making an effort.

We begin to envy them and even start hating on them, but the truth is when we were busy chatting on social medias, surfing the web for celebrity gossip and so on, they were busy surfing the web searching for motivation and inspiration to set their goals right.

When we were sleeping they spent sleepless nights setting their goals and making plans, when we were occupied with the latest soap operas, music, movies, fashion, make ups and so on, they were out there making their plans work. They struggled and strived day and night to make ends meet, while we’ve spent day and night watching movies, shopping, chatting and so on. Now they are successful and you want to hate and envy them? Are you been fair to yourself?

Make your success happen! stop the wish, hate and envy!

Attimes we are scared of failure, sure! failure can be paralyzing, but failure comes from you waiting for the right time to set your goals. I tell you, failure is an opportunity for growth and we just have to take risk to discover our abilities.

So, it’s time to rewrite and reframe the stories we tell our selves. Change your story today, because you are in charge of your story and you have the power to rewrite it everyday.

we need to shake things by stepping out of our comfort zone, so go out there, set a goal, start planning, struggle and strive to make it happen. Remember not to dream of starting big, be patient starting small because mountains are made from pebbles..

Things might not make sense at first, but when you’re patient and keep pushing, you’d reach where you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t expect the road to be smooth, be ready to face the obstacles and fight them.

There will always bg and should give up. Make your mission to succeed bigger than their mission to make you give up.
The story line is : Don’t you ever let anybody put you down, don’t believe you can’t, and get something doing.

And remember you could always contact me, and I’ll be there for you insha’Allah!