The Building Portfolio webinar. This article is a summary of the 14gCircle community webinar for the month of August 2022.  By Oluwaseun Dabiri. Which I found beneficial and thought to share.

Build Portfolio

He went straight to the point, sharing 5 actionable steps we can follow to build our portfolio and put our work Out there.

Straight Forward Steps to Build Your Portfolio

Build Projects


Document Your process:

  • Especially for Backend developers using platforms like GitHub gist, swagger, etc.

Make an effort Write

  • Leverage tools like Hashnode, medium, etc. The more you write the more you become visible.
  • Write things like solutions to problems you encountered, telling how you solved them and how to avoid them. 
  • Try challenging yourself also to write once a week, or once every two weeks. And be sure to share them on LinkedIn and other social platforms. 


Contribute :

  • Try to look for products to contribute.  Like if a designer designs a project.  Work on bringing it alive. It contributes to your Portfolio.
  • Contribute to an open-source project. 
  • Contribute to a friend’s project.
  • Search for products and contribute. On google, github etc.

Networking and community:

  • This is very important, that is how you get people who speak on your behalf. 
  • Join a community and be active. 
  • Attend events: physically or virtually. Effort in attending physical events. Don’t be shy there, get to know people, and introduce yourself.



Some pieces of Advice from Questions Answered

  1. Whatever your level is, make an effort to still contribute.
  2. Your portfolio grows as your experience grows. Do not be shy, just start somewhere. Build the portfolio according to your skill set.
  3. ort
  4. To be hired as a frontend developer, most companies prefer that you are at least proficient with one frontend framework.


Resources shared

  1. Who is speaking on your behalf by Prosper Otemuyiwa
  2. Check out to give you an idea of what you need to acquire knowledge in a particular field + resources.

Also check out my simple tips on how to learn programing. Hope you find it beneficial also.