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Listen to me on this, You were actually born to make an impact because we are all meant to begin life with the hopes to make a difference. But, the issue is that, so often we fall into the trap of judging our worth by external factors. Things that may be “nice to have”, but truly don’t make you who you are or indicate your intrinsic worth as a human being. I truly don’t want to get into that right now because I’m here to talk to you about ways you could actually make impact and leave a legacy through my 5 P’s for Impact.

I chose to write about this today because I’m tired of seeing people around me doing so much to fit into the society and losing themselves in the process. If this sounds like you, take a moment to think about this: how about you take a chance and STAND OUT? I need you to understand that you were born worthy, and it’s YOU who continues to reinforce that. I need you to ask yourself these questions and truly reflect on them.

What beauty could you bring to the world?

How many hearts could you heal?

Who could you inspire?

What could you create?

Who would you BE?

Enough of the noise right? So let’s dive into our 5 P’s:

  1. Passion: The most amazing experience in the world is working towards a goal that truly interests you, that truly sets your blood on fire, and motivates you to do more than yesterday. If you do not build your own dream then someone else will hire you to build theirs. The truth is you can’t make an impact doing some thing you hate, and you can’t make maximum Impact doing things you tolerate. We all have a God-given ability, tap into yours by asking yourself if things you do are things you like, but if you’re complaining more than you’re enjoying it then you’re only tolerating it. What Idea do you always wake up to and feel happy about? That’s your passion!
  2. Pure Motives (Authenticity): You can’t make impact trying to be someone you’re not. There’s no one like you, you’re born to be a leader and not a follower. You’re born to be a voice, not an echo. So, I dare you to be yourself because everyone else is taken. Live your life to have a maximum impact. Understand and embrace the fact that you don’t have it all figured out, don’t pretend as if you do, be real and admit it. People like to follow a leader who is real compared to a leader who is always right, no one likes fake so be real, be transparent and bond with yourself. Be with people who put you through your shortcomings, everyone knows no matter how perfect and great you are we all make mistakes.
  3.  Proficiency (Effort): Passion isn’t enough you have to be good at what you do.Good doesn’t make maximum impact, we all have to start somewhere and keep pushing, working continuously and constantly to be great which also means you have to embrace change along the journey. Be the best at what you do, it is said that: “How you do anything is how you do everything” Are you willing to adapt to something new starting from scratch? and embrace the fact that things are changing especially with the widespread of technology, you must be willing to follow the change for maximum performance. Also, analyze your setbacks, don’t just give up on your efforts so easily, you need to persevere. Besides nothing passionate comes easy, you have to walk the talk because there is no shortcut, be good at your skill.
  4. Patience: Who said it would be easy? Patience is a huge one, it takes time to build the audience, it takes time to build a reputation. At times you might even have to start for free just to build that reputation which helps you build your true audience with time by consistently being yourself and staying real. The secret is if you’re consistent and do great work, people get to notice you on their own. Pay attention to your dream and passion, then put in the effort and patience to walk the talk and embrace the time it’ll take you to make that big blow whilst enjoying the small victories you meet along the way. Embrace the journey and have a goal.
  5.  Perseverance: You might and will most definitely face rejections, setbacks, and challenges but that is not enough to make you give up. Many doors may shut you out but you need to keep pushing and never quit. Besides if you’re never failing, you’re probably never really winning either, this might sound counterintuitive to you but to me, it’s the most important point on this list. Think about it: if everything you do is working, you probably aren’t taking enough risks, which means that even if you’re achieving small wins every day, you aren’t challenging yourself to achieve big wins that will set you apart in a meaningful way. No doubt it’s much easier to talk about failure in hypothetical terms than it is to actually embrace it, but I encourage you that whenever you face failure think of it as an opportunity to grow. Understanding what the exact problem is and rectifying it is what makes you different, but never ever make quitting a choice.

Let’s take a break here. I truly hope as usual that this piece truly inspires someone. Thank you for reading through.




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