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If the title of this post is what caught your attention to read this, then I know what you must be going through, and I promise you won’t regret spending time reading this.

One thing that entrepreneurs and small business owners agree on is that being an entrepreneur is great, and for me being an entrepreneur is one of the best thing that has happened to me, and it would be the best thing that could ever happen to you too, if you set out for it.

Benefits of being an entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurship has no age limit, you’re never too young (I personally meet an entrepreneur of 11years old, and that was where I got the motivation to start my own journey as an entrepreneur) and you’re never too old to start.
  • Through entrepreneurship, you become a role model where people look up to being like you.
  • Flexibility: you dont have to work strictly within the office within fixed hours, under the control of your Boss. Being an entrepreneur gives you  a the privilege of being the boss, you get work from anywhere(e.g from home, while traveling). You get to set your own schedule deciding when and how long you want to work.
  • No dress code.
  • You get excited reaping reward from what you love doing.
  • You get to see your work changing lives, because entrepreneurs change lives because they solve problems making things efficient, and providing services that assist people in their everyday life.

They are lots of benefits one gets from becoming an entrepreneur, some of us realise what we want and that we want to work for ourselves at a very young age.

We all want to be entrepreneurs, but the big question is where do I start from? How do i make it happen, and how do I get there? So let’s get started!

Getting Started

Becoming an entrepreneur is about your mindset, you need to think in many ways, and entrepreneurship is more about the action you take base on the type of person you are.

You need to start something for only then you’d be ahead of the vast majority of people, who just talk about becoming entrepreneurs but never made an effort to build up anything.

1. Take your stand: 

 You first have to decide if you’re fit for entrepreneurship, exploring yourself weather you’re comfortable with the responsibility you’re about to take upon yourself, if you’re ready to interact with alot of people.

You need to be ready to take problems, obstacles and inconvenience you meet and see them as an opportunity, not as a failure. Then you need to admit your circumstance, and believe the fact that you are your problem and you are the only solution to your problem, and that change will occur only when you make the decision to make it happen.

2. Identify the right business for you:

Now the question is How do I know what business is best for me? Don’t panic, and don’t stress over it, I’ll give you three options to figure it out:

  • Think of work you’ve done for other people in the past, or think of work you’ve practically seen someone doing (it could be anything), or think of something you love doing and you’re good at, that people would love. Then think of how to package those skills and offer them as your services.
  • Think of business that you’ve never done, but seen others doing it, and you have so much interest in,  learn alot about it, and emulate it.
  • Here comes the riskiest of all, sit back relax and give this a thought: is there a gap in the market? Or is there a product or services you’d like to bring to the market? Something you you feel would be good in the market and it’s not there.

These three steps should help you make a decision on what type of business you want to go for.

3. Have a business plan: 

Most people fail to plan and end up falling flat on their face, a business plan will help you gain clarity, focus, and confidence. Your business plan should consist of what you’re building, who you are serving, your aims,objectives, action plan, And steps to achieve your goals.

4. Understand your personal finances: 

Your personal life and business life are connected because you are your first and probably only investor. So, learn to take it small because mountains are made from pebbles, take one step at a time because jumping in to the business with your all is really risky, rarely successful, and might land you into trouble.

5. Spread the word:

Tell people about your business, we are in an information age so social media’s are very effective and would make you reach a wider audience, make public relations, make connections, tell friends and family, they should help you spread the word.

My friend would always tell me, Aysha it’s  not about the money…… So, I’d advice you to focus on serving people through your business, create that amazing relationship with your clients, then you find things coming easy for you.

Finally, when you set out to do this keep in mind that you need patience, endurance, and take every failure and discouragement you’ll get from people as a stepping block, it shouldn’t kill or demotivate you, it should make you strong. And remember to look for something that would motivate you to move on, no matter how bad things seems to be moving, it’s just a phase, be strong and move on.

Feel free to drop questions in the comment box, I will always be here for you. Good Luck!



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