So, today I’m here with Aisha Umar Tofa. She is a Graduate of Bayero University Kano, Bsc Mass Communication. An entrepreneur, a photographer, and a tech enthusiast. Aisha is the CoFounder of Startup kano, and Managing Partner Waves Advertising Limited, Member Global Shapers Community and a Youth and women Advocate. So just sit back, relax and enjoy our conversation.

AyshaBintMahmud: Assalam Alaikum sister Aysha, I’m so pleased to have you here, one of the striving young women I’ve come across, Masha Allah. Tell us about your journey, how you arrived at the person you are today, and what you’re passionate about.

AyshaTofa: Wa’alaikum Assalam! My journey was a complicated one! I started at the age of 15, I was in SS1 then. I have tried and explored a lot of Businesses/experiences and I’m still doing so because entrepreneurship is about seeing a business out of every situation. somedays were smooth and some were really hard,  but with hard work, collaborations, dedication, persistence, and prayers Alhamdulillah we are what we are today. I have always been passionate about being independent and growing other people, so my passion has kept me on the move and it still does.

AyshaBintMahmud: Masha Allah. So Alhamdulillah you playing different roles in your life,  How do you try to strike that balance fitting into these different roles in your life?

AyshaTofa: It’s really hard! Especially when you have to be in different places at the same time!!!! It was one of my biggest challenges until I came to realize that the best thing a woman should do in this situation is to be open with whatever/whoever she is connected with. My team knows my schedules and so does my husband and my parents too. So everyone knows their time and I always try to make them understand that the biggest support I can get from them is to accept that I can’t succeed if I’m stressed out! lol

AyshaBintMahmud: Wow that’s cool! So, what’s your greatest challenge in life? And what gives you that motivation to move on?

AyshaTofa: I have challenges (not big ones though!!) which I’m slowly sorting them all out! being a woman in business is a challenge because most people think that women are not up to the task (especially in the tech field), being someone who some people look up to is a challenge too because you don’t wanna do anything wrong so it won’t affect them! My motivation is myself, knowing that I still haven’t reached where I want to make me work harder every day, then my husband and my parents who are always supporting me in every way they can.

AyshaBintMahmud: What is the greatest change you’d love to see in the world today?

AyshaTofa: I want every woman to be empowered. It hurts me when I see how girls are being deprived of education or unempowered women struggling to survive.

AyshaBintMahmud: What’s your message (like words of motivation) to other sisters?

AyshaTofa: Seek knowledge. Be empowered and never let anyone tell you that you can’t make it. Have a Dream and work hard to live it because I promise you nothing is impossible

AyshaBintMahmud: Thank you so much Aysha. I truly appreciate sis.

So there you have it. A short, straight to the point and inspiring conversation. I hope you like it and feel inspired.