Amina Khan is an award-winning Muslimah Fitness Coach and Founder of Amanah Fitness. She has inspired thousands of busy Muslim women all over the world. To start exercising with her fast, fun, modest at-home workout videos. She is currently completing her Ph.D. degree in Health & Weight Loss Psychology. You can start exercising with Amina’s free 5-Minute home workouts HERE! Reset your body with that as we dive into the interview.

 Who is Amina?

Aysha Bint Mahmud: Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah wabarakatuh sister Amina! It’s a pleasure getting in touch with you, I truly love how you have taken it upon yourself to Inspire Healthily, Happy Muslims Around the World, Alhamdulillah! So, please tell us a bit about yourself. Who is Amina khan?

Amina Khan: Jazakillah Khair, I’m excited about our interview! I’m 28 years old. I’m a passionate fitness instructor and health educator. I just love sharing the joy of movement with my fellow Muslim sisters! Personally, I got into health and fitness after my own 60pounds(27.2Kg) weight loss journey. I struggled with my weight and my health all my life.

I felt there was such a lack of support within the Muslim community. So my own journey was lonely and challenging. When I started 10 years ago, literally, no one was talking about exercise or how to be healthy in the Muslim community! And, I was frustrated because all the mainstream fitness programs seemed to approach fitness from a very superficial approach. And that wasn’t motivating to me, or reflective of my faith values.

So, it started from my own struggles, that led to creating Amanah Fitness. Because I wanted to create the faith-based fitness community that I never had to support me on my weight loss journey!

 Her Story

Aysha Bint Mahmud: Subhanallah! I’ve always been inspired by your story and the fact that you’ve helped a lot of women around the world, I included. What led to the birth of Amanah Fitness?

Amina Khan: So, as I struggled through my own fitness journey and then eventually became a fitness professional myself Alhamdulillah, I wanted to address this gap in the industry and make sure that other Muslim women wouldn’t have to go through this by themselves anymore. I wanted to create a space where Muslim women see themselves represented in fitness and know that there’s a space that they can learn to be healthy and how to exercise —that fits Muslim women, our values, and lifestyle! That’s when I decided to create modest home workout videos!

So, that’s how it all started… and now mashAllah, now we have a thriving online community of thousands of women working out and getting healthy, all over the world, in our award-winning Amanah Bootcamp program! Our goal at Amanah Fitness is to provide the best home workout videos for busy Muslim women to make fitness part of their busy lives. We also provide tons of health and fitness education to keep empower women to get started and stay motivated on their fitness journeys!


Appreciating Diversity

Aysha Bint Mahmud: Even though I know there must be times you feel like giving up. What does it feel like interacting with women from different parts of the world, different backgrounds, and different stories?

Amina Khan: It’s the most amazing thing and connecting with so many Muslim women and the impact our workouts have had Alhamdulillah, is really what keeps me going, even when it gets tough!

 MashAllah, hearing that women from all over the world who are doing our workouts and find it’s changing their lives, they’re feeling energized, losing weight, feeling stronger, more confident, and just taking control of their fitness is so incredible. And, despite the fact that women of all different backgrounds do our workouts – we’re all united in the fact that as Muslim women, starting our workouts with Bismillah, setting our intentions, and doing it together, as a community is so empowering.

Seeing Results

It’s amazing to see in our ladies-only Bootcamp community, all of our ladies from around the world connecting with each other, too, and supporting each other! I’m also a very involved coach and so I get to see all these transformations and hear how mashAllah our Amanah workouts have profoundly changed so many lives not only for our women themselves, but also their kids and families, too. And, I know how it feels. When you take control and get your health back, it feels like you get a renewed life, and so it’s a true privilege to share that with other ladies mashAllah.

 So, yes, that’s incredible. I work very hard in our community to personally support all our members. Of course, it’s a lot of work, but it’s very fulfilling, to directly see the impact of our workouts alhamdulillah — Of course, by the Mercy & Permission of Allah ﷻ and all good comes from Him. 

 Managing Stress

Aysha Bint Mahmud: Being a sister who plays different roles in life, the role of a sister, wife, mother, etc. How do you handle stress and pressure? And What is your source of motivation to move on?

Amina Khan: Yes, it does get stressful as the workload is constant and never ends as a very involved & passionate online fitness coach! I am currently learning how to get the help I need and looking to expand my team inshAllah to make it more manageable.

I manage stress by working out. It’s a non-negotiable for me. Alhamdulillah, my husband is also very supportive. But, I think it’s a constant learning process to navigate all the different roles we all have to play in our lives. Especially when you’re doing something you love.

Motivation to Stay Fit

Aysha Bint Mahmud: People like me have started our healthy journey one or two weeks into it we’re back to step one completely. It’s quite crippling and discouraging. How would you advise us on overcoming this attitude?

Amina Khan: Yes, this is a common pattern that I also experienced countless times on my own fitness journey with starting and quitting! I think this is because as a society we focus too much on the outcome. We get impatient and want to see the scale change, so we get frustrated when the change isn’t immediate on the scale, and then we get discouraged and quit. But this is because we are looking at the wrong metrics to gauge our progress & success!

 The ONLY thing we should focus on when starting our health journey is our daily behaviors. Forget the outcome. If you are working out and eating healthier every day, THAT is the real win. Make THAT the habit & ultimate goal. It removes so much stress and pressure and puts you back in control. And in fact, research shows that you don’t need to wait for the weight loss to be healthier – you are getting healthier literally right after your first workout! If you can find joy and fulfillment in every workout, THAT is the real win. And that’s someone who will never stop exercising.

 A Change in the World

Aysha Bint Mahmud: What is the greatest change you would love to see in the world today?

Amina Khan: That’s a loaded question! Of course, there are so many changes from global economic, charity, peace, etc. perspectives to aspire towards. I don’t think there’s just “one” change anyone would like to see!

But, I focus on what I can contribute to and what I am working towards. So, I will say ONE of the changes I would like to see and hopefully contribute to is a major reduction in global rates of obesity and heart disease in the Muslim community. And, a revival in terms of how Milennial Muslims and later generations connect to our faith in ALL areas of our lives —health included. Everything we do needs to connect to our Purpose in Life. So, I’m here, talking about health and fitness, because when we’re healthy, we can do more to reach our full potential as contributing Muslims in this world, inshAllah.

Dose of Motivation

Aysha Bint Mahmud: What’s your message to all the sisters out there, or those struggling with life, be it their health or anything else? ( just like: words of motivation).

 Amina Khan: Remember the Hadith: “The most beloved of deeds to Allah are the most consistent of them, even if they are few” [Bukhari]. Anything you want to make a change in your life, start with baby steps —and aim for consistency!! This Prophetic wisdom has helped me so much in my life alhamdulillah.


Alhamdulillah! I am very grateful to sister Aminah for her time, and also for your time too. May Allah reward you all. You can reach out to sister Amina and be a part of the Amanah fitness tribe on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook.  Also, Meet more inspiring sisters HERE.

Do share with us your lessons from the interview in the comment box below. We love hearing from you.



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