Assalam Alaikum, thank you for dropping by and this is like the shortest interview on Get-Inspired.  Insha Allah, you’d learn one or two things. So, let’s do this; but first, lemme tell you a bit about her.

She’s voted Top 25 most influential American Muslims, who knows what that means?  Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins is an American Author, Speaker and Business Consultant. Ameenah has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, SJ Magazine, Huffington Post, Dove Self Esteem Campaign and WHYY. Ameenah now is the Author of There is Greatness in Me, which teaches children positive self-talk and Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie(this is my favorite), which celebrates African-American Muslim culture. A Philadelphia native, Ameenah resides in New Jersey with her husband and their two children.

AyshaBintMahmud: Assalam Alaikum sister Ameenah, I’m so pleased to have you here, like it’s an honor, you’re one of the beautiful, Amazing and influencing women I’ve come across, Alhamdulillah. Please tell us more bit about yourself.

Ameenah: My name is Ameenah Muhammad- Diggins born and raised in the United States. I have a passion for helping people step into their greatness.  Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me to be able to follow my passion. I’m the Author of two books There is Greatness In Me and Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie. I also coach women to start and grow their own brands and help women to self-publish books.

AyshaBintMahmud:  Masha Allah. So, tell us about your journey, how you arrive at the person you are today, and what you’re passionate about?

Ameenah: I have always wanted to be a speaker. The bug hit me in my first year of college speaking on behalf of my father’s company. It, however, let the dream sit idle for years until I began to help my daughter with her company “Hijabi Fits” that I started to tap into my gift again.

AyshaBintMahmud: Being a mother, a wife, a speaker, an entrepreneur, an author, podcast host, and the list goes on. How do you try to strike that balance fitting into these different roles in your life?

Ameenah: You have to put everything in its place. I never sacrifice my family life for my career. I saw the effect of working all the time had on my family so I knew I had to scale back.  I try to incorporate family into my business so we can all enjoy life together.

AyshaBintMahmud: That was a really short answer, but it was Deep Masha Allah. What’s your greatest challenge in life? And what gives you that motivation to move on?

Ameenah: Being a mother. You know there is no manual for this motherhood thing. So I put my trust in Allah and try to learn from the women who went before me and draw from the wisdom of my own mother RHA. What motivates me in striving for Jannah and using all of the gifts Allah had given me.

AyshaBintMahmud: What is the greatest change you’d love to see in the world today?

Ameenah: More morality.

AyshaBintMahmud: What’s your message (like words of motivation) to other sisters?

Ameenah: Pursue your dreams but not at the expense of your soul.

Alhamdulillah, I hope this motivates someone, and may Allah bless sister Ameenah for her time, she’s an amazing soul and a down to earth person. You can connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or just visit her website.  Thanks for dropping by once again.