Glad you stopped by. I’m Aysha Bint Mahmud – a Nigerian, Computer programmer, Web designer, Business Technology coach, writer, blogger, Humanitarian advocate, Entrepreneur, Agribusiness-woman, Public speaker, Radio Host, and the list goes on. I’m an average Niqabi who found passion in helping others realize their potential and make healthier choices, investing in them, helping them grow to give out to the world without losing themselves.

I am the founder of Youth Assistance for the needy initiative, a non-profitable, non-governmental organisation founded in 2015, who’s main aim to protect and build the capacity of the needy to withstand societal pressure and be self dependent, through various channels. I’ve been an Islamic teacher for almost 5years now, working as a part-time school teacher, worked with quite a number of radio stations here in Kano, Nigeria, and have been on radio for years. Currently undergoing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a 5-years Islamic (Alima) degree program.

I am a self-development, productivity, religious and fitness blogger with an enthusiastic mindset. I try to guide others to be productive and improve themselves in life by writing/blogging, which i believe will help them embark on an inspiring, motivating, and productive life with an enthusiastic mindset.

I believe that’s enough! Thank you for dropping by.