A Glimpse Of The Virtual Reality World

January 22nd, 2019|

Virtual Reality is opening doors to the long-held human desire to escape, whether it's an escape from the current day to day situation or to escape the real world altogether. Virtual Reality simulates pieces of our world or imagined worlds.

Internet Landscape for Entrepreneurs

January 8th, 2019|

There are so many opportunities on the internet and believe me there will never be a better time for you to become an internet entrepreneur or bring your offline business online than today.

Social Media as a Development Tool

November 23rd, 2018|

There are always two ways of looking at a coin. The challenge with the current generation is that we only view social media platforms as a place of having fun. One thing you need to realize is that you can get a lot of business from the social media networks you create. Most of them are potential customers, or they can lead you to other clients.

What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

July 8th, 2018|

There are a lot of computer programming languages you can choose from: Python,C, C++, SQL, C#, Java, Swift, and the list goes on. So, it’s important for you to understand how these languages work, where to use different language and why they exist, this will make it a bit easier for you to decide what language to go for. But advisably, do not to pick a complicated programming language for a start, start off with the simplest language.

A Career In Software Development

March 22nd, 2018|

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

Create & sell products online

February 24th, 2018|

If the idea of selling eBooks, Courses and so on, is a topic that you love and sounds like something you'd like to do, then this may just be an Amazing article for you.