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Sohada Awad

Sister Sohada mentors Muslim mothers of kids with special needs through confidence building, advocacy training, and skilled therapeutic support services with faith as the foundation for thriving success. She also dedicates her coaching sessions and group programs to women challenged with mental health struggles which are complementary to the Hijama (cupping) and occupational therapy she provides in her holistic faith-based wellness practice, Madina Therapy.

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Maryam Masud

Meet Maryam Masud a sixth-grade student at An-Noor Academy in New Jersey, USA, who became a Hafiza of the Qur’an at the tender age of 9. She is the host of the kid’s program “Quran With Maryam” on GuideUs TV and iTV USA, and she has participated in many national and international competitions, many of which she has won and she is involved with many interfaith humanitarian activities.

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